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KiteSurf Kids Program.






Locals Crew #KiteKids Program!

We believe that sport is the basis of the physical and cultural growth process of each individual. We like to think it helps improve life. This is why, as an Amateur Sports Association, our thoughts are first of all aimed at young people who want to get closer to this beautiful sport.



Locals Salento Kitesurf - Corsi Bambini

Locals Salento Kitesurf - Corsi Bambini

Locals Salento Kitesurf - Corsi Bambini


Playing you Learn!

The courses we offer range from the School Sailing Game for children up to 10 years old, to real courses for kids aged 10 and up. As part of the Italian Sailing Federation, we aim to create a nursery of athletes who can participate in the Italian Kiteboarding Class Championships. The competition helps train children by teaching respect for the sea, the environment and, last but not least, respect for others.

Kitesurfing like all sailing sports leads to looking at the sea from a different perspective. An unconventional alternative to the usual sports.

Locals Salento Kitesurf - Corsi Bambini

Locals Salento Kitesurf - Corsi Bambini

Locals Salento Kitesurf - Corsi Bambini

Check out the program!

Warm up

Muscle warming and stretching exercises.
Running, Abs, Balance Exercises, Muscle Stretching.


Piloting a small two-line kite.
We start by assembling the kite in pairs and we practice the piloting in all the points of the flight window where the kite can fly.


Swimming lessons.
In shallow water we will practice freestyle.

The winds

Wind theory.
We will discover the winds their direction and the history of their names.


In shallow water, one at a time accompanied by an instructor, we will learn to move the kite and to generate a minimum of power enough to be dragged.


Self Rescue Technique
Learning to recognize a potential danger in the first place, and some self-rescue methods using the kite as a lifeboat.

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The course of the lesson is subject to weather conditions.

Contact us for more information, you can choose whether to call us or fill out the form beside, we will reply immediately.

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√ Water

√ A Fruit

√ Costume

√ 3/4 mm wetsuit

√ Sunscreen

√ Towel

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