Locals Crew’s kitesurfing lessons in Salento also take place in the open sea with the dinghy support.

We are worrying more and more about your safety and that is why especially during the summer season, which is always very crowded with bathers, the lessons take place in the open sea without obstacles and without space constraints.

Only at Locals Crew Salento can you find such a service and face all phases of the course in complete safety and without stress. In particular, this method is very useful for dealing with the starting step with the board which is the most traumatic passage in the learning process of this wonderful sport, always in complete tranquility and safety. Furthermore, the lessons in the open sea of Locals Crew Salento are also very suitable for more advanced levels such as gaits, in fact our qualified and patented instructors with decades of experience will follow you from the dinghy while always staying in touch with you via the radio helmet.

We have made a list to summarize the advantages of a kitesurfing lesson on a dinghy:

* Total safety away from the beach and other kiters and obstacles.

* Huge spaces where you can rehearse uninterruptedly without having to walk back to the beach.

* You will get tired much less and you will be able to focus your energies only on the practice of the exercise.

*You save time and you’ll practice more  than a lesson from the beach.

* Instructor always close and ready to intervene.

* Ability to take advantage of any wind direction.

*No disadvantages compared to traditional lessons.

So what are you waiting for, book your Kitesurf course in Salento here, guaranteed result