Locals Salento Kitesurf

Gallipoli – Ionian Sea

The Baia Verde kitesurf spot

in Gallipoli on the Ionian coast of Salento is the city beach spot. It is easy to reach from the city.
Out of season, when the beach is free from swimmers, it’s one of the Locals Crew home spots where the Kitesurf Courses are held.
From May to September the spot is off-limit due the summer season.
The spot works well with wind from NW to S, during the winter storms, waves up to a couple of meters are formed.
In the southern part of the bay there is the “Punta Pizzo” beach, the only spot on the Ionian coast where you can surf with a N wind direction, which however is on-shore and therefore not recommended for total beginners, but really fun from the intermediates.

Gallipoli Kitesurf Spot

Level: Intermediate

Freestyle 50%
Wave 50%