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The Locals Crew Kiteboarding Courses in Apulia are aimed at anyone regardless of gender and age. We offer packages for beginner, intermediate and advance, both individual and group. Our instructors are experienced and certified by IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) and FIV (Federazione Italiana Vela).

Our mission is to create an environment for student to learn this exciting sport in a safe and fun manor.


What’s included

  • Professional and certified Instructor

  • Kite equipment selected for your weight and the wind condition

  • Safety equipment

  • Live Teaching with radio helmet to keep in touch

  • Liability insurance


  • Boat Lift

  • Jet ski for rescue

  • Video recording

  • Transfer from you hotel or airport



Locals Crew Salento Daniele

Daniele De Nuzzo

Instructor IKO Level 2
Instructor FIV Level 1

 Tel: +39 328 4260226



At the end of the course you will be issued with an international license (IKO Card – visit recognized all over the world, which will certify the level you have achieved. This certification will allow you access to schools and spots throughout the world. After the course you can keep practicing renting the equipment with an instructor supervision.

We provide also Advance Courses like:

  • UpWind Riding – The instructor follow you by the shore giving you useful tips and bringing your kite up wind so you can rest and think about you performance .

  • Old School – Learn how to riding toe side, transition, back flip, jump.

  • StrapLess – Learn how to ride a surfboard, to jibe and to tacking for transition.

  • Free Style – Unhook riding for really lear how to fly.

  • Hydrofoil – This is the future of kiteboarding, there is not more wind limit.

Learning with us means to be part of a community that will follow you even after the course with tips, kite camp and any assistance.


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Find your course

Check Beginner

IKO Level 1

  • Wind directions and safe conditions for kitesurfing
  • Hazard analysis of the spots
  • Setting up the trainer kite
  • Practice of trainer kite
  • Launching and landing the kite
  • Wind Window and Power Zone
  • Setting up a 4/5 lines kite with de-power system
  • Knowledge of safety systems
  • Pre-flight check
  • Practice with kite hooked to the harness
  • De-power system
  • Kite control into the wind window
  • Kite control with one hand
  • Move flying the kite
  • Learn and use the international signs
  • Launch and land a 4/5 lines kite

Check Intermediate

IKO Level 2

  • Kite relaunch from the water
  • Body dragging into the water steering the kite
  • Self-rescue and pack down
  • Downwind body dragging
  • Body drag both directions
  • Body drag upwind for board recovery
  • Body drag upwind with the board
  • Enter and exit from the water flying kite and carrying the board
  • Power Stroke: How launch the kite to start with the board
  • Technique and practice of water start

Check Advanced

IKO Level 3

  • Power Stroke: How launch the kite to start with the board (improvement)
  • Technique and practice of board water start (improvement)
  • Riding attempts in both directions
  • Learn how to read the forecast and the wind’s effects.
  • Rights of ways
  • How to choose the right equipment

Downwinder Tour

8Km Coast to Coast in Group


All our equipment at your disposal


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Where to Kiteboarding

During the summer season, from June to middle of September we do kiteboarding and we give lessons to the following spots around the Salento peninsula according to the wind direction.

Address for navigation system:

Spot Gallipoli: Locals Crew – Baia Verde

Spot Torre San Giovanni: Locals Crew – Vivosa Resort

Spot Frigole – Adriatic side: Locals Salento Kitesurf – Frigole

GPS Coordinates:

Spot Gallipoli (40.033061, 18.017374)

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