When to start surfing ?

Surfing is a complete all-round sport, surf lives your holidays, but also allows you to get started in an activity that is expanding. The surf schools offer courses combined with other entertainment suitable for all ages.

Surfing for the kids

The existence of surf camps for children is an opportunity for the whole family to spend memorable holidays by the sea. These structures, very often located on the islands, offer full days with an average of four hours of lessons per day. To these sessions assisted by an instructor are added other amusements to be practiced from an early age, all, of course, under close supervision. Kayak rides, snorkelling for the little ones and guided bicycle excursions complete the discoveries for the children. Young people will also have the opportunity to participate in small tournaments during their stay.

Surfing for adult beginners

It’s never too late to learn to surf. Try to understand all aspects of this sport in five days of vacation. Booking a surf camp for adults is ideal to the extent that all the organization is done by a surf school. The courses are assigned in stages according to the level of each one. In addition to the courses, the instructors offer practical advice to help the participant be independent by following him through to the end of the holiday. Equipment rental, transport from the hotel to the spot, meals and accommodation are often included in the surf school package.

Perfecting yourself in surfing: the b.a-BA

Discover new experiences and even more emotions by relying on a qualified and professional instructor to improve your level. You will be assessed by the instructor before being able to participate in the various wave safaris which are an integral part of the advanced surfing programme. You can of course be accompanied during the expeditions.

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