8 Reasons to learn Wing Foil

The wingfoil is a sport in considerable diffusion especially among sportsmen who already practice water sports but it is also suitable for those with little or no experience.

In this article we have identified some good reasons why you should learn to wingfoil.

1. Feeling of freedom

With the Wing Foil you can have fun without the thought of being tied to the equipment as with kitesurfing for example. In fact, wingfoil equipment consists of a board and a wing (sail) that you hold on to with your hands so you are free to leave the wing at any time and can have fun without constraints.

2. You can practice it anywhere, it’s simple to prepare.

The wing foil does not require large spaces of free beach to be practiced unlike kitesurfing which has cables even 24m long and consequently needs large spaces for take-off and landing.
The assembly of the wingfoil is very simple and takes little time especially if we do not need to disassemble the foil to transport it. Unlike windsurfing, it takes up less space, requires less time to assemble and especially to disassemble when you’re done.

3 It can be practiced in various weather conditions

Wing foiling does not need particular wind conditions like kitesurfing which, with some exceptions, is not practiced with off-shore wind for safety reasons.
Thanks to the performance of the foil board we can practice wingfoiling safely even with side off shore wind, and compared to kitesurfing we will be less affected by the sudden wind variations typical of land wind conditions.
However, wingfoil can be affected more than other water sports by rough seas, in fact it is recommended to practice it with flat water especially for beginners.


4 Three sports in one

The wingfoil combines the best features of kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing together. In particular
from kitesurfing it takes the materials and the inflatable structure of the wing that looks like a small kite.
It is gripped like windsurfing and the body position is also very similar to it. The board is a compromise with volume varying between beginners and experts; the size of the foil also varies but it is in any case a cross between the dimensions of the kite one and the wind one.

5 With the Wing Foil you feel like you are surfing

With the Wingfoil we can ride the waves. Thanks to the lift that the foil generates, the wing becomes superfluous and at this point you understand what a sense of freedom and lightness this sport can give you. Foil surfing is different from traditional wave surfing, wingfoiling gives you the ability to surf when the waves are still forming, it feels like going up and down a hill of water. A variant of the wingfoil is Pumping which, if done with the right equipment and conditions, can disregard the propulsion of the wing, incredible!

6. High muscle and heart training

The Wingfoil involves almost all the muscles of the body because unlike the cousins of the Wind and the Kite, we are the ones who transmit the thrust of the wing to the board. The muscles most involved in physical performance are deltoids, back, arms, abs and legs, but also particular muscles such as the forearms, oblique abdominals and lumbar muscles. Last but not least the heart which is particularly stressed during pumping at the start especially in conditions of under sail.

7. Fast learning in safety

The right marine weather conditions, adequate equipment and a competent instructor are the ingredients for rapid progression; especially at the beginning of a course, thanks to the use of a displacement board, wingfoil immediately gives you the idea of the potential of this sport. Not being strictly bound to the kite, it makes you learning safer, the students feel less in danger than kitesurfing which in the common imagination of those who do not practice it seems terribly dangerous.
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8. Live in contact with nature

If you practice outdoor sports you will never want to go back to the gym. Practicing Wing Foil in Gallipoli you can experience the city from another perspective. We practice wingfoil all year round in the crystal clear waters of Salento, live the dream of flying!

Discover our Wing Foil courses in Salento, we hold lessons in Porto Cesareo, Gallipoli, Torre San Giovanni. Visit the dedicated section or come and visit us 🤙🏽